What Is a Filament of a Plant?


A filament of a plant is a slender stalk that bears and holds the pollen sacs (anthers). These anthers are the ones that bear the male gamete, i.e. the pollen grains. The term may also refer to a series of cells that form a chain in most algae.
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A filament is one of two parts of the plant's stamen. The stamen is composed of a tall, slender stalk - the filament - and an anther, or pollen-producing unit. The filament extends
It is very oblivious, it supports the anther ( dispersal)
Edison kept fidding with materials for years. Interestingly, he first hit the 1200 hour mark (50 days of continuous use) using a bamboo derived filament which was carbonized.
( ′ak·sē·əl ′fil·ə·mənt ) (cell and molecular biology) The central microtubule elements of a cilium or flagellum. (invertebrate
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