What Is a Fire Extinguisher Made of?


Fire extinguisher s are pressure containers with expelled material which executes the chemistry of the fire by removing one or more elements that are necessary to control the fire, The elements that do this are: fuel, heat and oxygen.
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A fire extinguisher is a pressurized cylindrical device containing a chemical agent that is used to suppress a fire. There are two distinct types of fire extinguishers: stored pressure
The fire extinguisher was made in the year of 1723 (The first patented one) by a man called Ambrose Godfrey. Godfrey was a German born, British chemist.
Extinguisher ingredients- monoammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate,
T.Marshall did not invent the "fire extinguisher" you're familiar with. His patent, issued in 1872 called the invention a "fire extinguisher" but it was little
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Fire extinguishers are made of different material depending on the type of fire they extinguish. Some of the elements in extinguishers include phosphate, sodium and potassium bicarbonate and film forming fluoroprotein.
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