Characteristics of a First Aider?


A first aider is a person who provides initial care for illness or injury. Most first aiders are non-expert who have been trained to assist sick or injured people until they get treatment. First aid is mostly associated with care for human beings and not animals.
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It is the duty of a first aider to come to the aid of those in need, assess the situation and provide a primary level of care until advanced caregivers arrive. band-aid image by Rick
To provide the FIRST aid. To provide basic life support.
When someone is found down, bleeding or not, the first thing to do is listen to their chest and figure out if they are breathing. If not, the next thing to do is feel for a pulse.
Accident Information and Driver Emergency Rescue
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A first aider’s main duty is to perform the first medical assessment and care on an injured or sick person. An efficient first aider should be able to fully ...
The responsibility of a first aider is to preserve life by providing lifesaving first aid services. A first aider does so by preventing the condition from worsening ...
The role of the First Aider is to provide initial care to an illness or an injury. A first aider is a person who is trained but is not an expert in the medical ...
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