What does "first cousin twice removed" mean?


A cousin twice removed is a child of one's uncle or aunt, who has a common ancestor with another. In such a scenario, the grandparent of one cousin is the great-grandparent of the other cousin. The cousins are therefore one generation apart from each other.
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Grandmother, so you and your grandmother's first cousin are first cousins,
A first cousin is someone who shares a set of grandparents with you: that is, one of their parents is the brother or sister of one of your parents. A second cousin is someone who
The term "twice removed" refers to a cousin who is two generations older or younger than you. Your first cousins are the children of your parents' siblings. These cousins
removed indicates the two people being compared are a different number of generations away from their common ancestor. the other part of the phrase "first cousin", second
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A first cousin twice removed simply means that there is a two generation difference between you and your cousin. It implies that you are two generations younger than a first cousin from your grandmother side. As such, you and your grandmother's first cousin are first cousins twice removed.
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