What Is a First Impression?


A first impression refers to the initial opinion or inference that is reached by a person or authority by applying the logic and reasoning prevailing circumstances. This is usually undertaken when a similar precedence on which judgment can be made does not exist.
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You may be surprised at her response, as it could differ greatly from how she sees you now. Follow up, naturally, by sharing your first impression of her.
1. Address the situation as soon as it happens. If you have accidentally hurt someone's feelings or said something he finds offensive, apologizing quickly will mitigate the damage
1. Figure out why you put off the other person when you first met him. The reason could be as simple as you were short with him or as complex as you cracked a joke that he took personally
1. Prepare yourself in advance. Find out about the company you hope to work for. Knowing the company's background can help impress an interviewer. They'll notice how enthusiastic
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A first impression is the first thought, mental image, opinion or memory that someone makes on first sight. It can either be good or bad and its judgement based only on appearances and behaviour.
A first impression refers to what another person thinks of a person or situation at a first meeting or encounter. When looking for a job you want your first impression to be your best, or because you only get one chance to make a good first impression.
A first impression is a feeling you get about someone the first time you meet them. You could either like or dislike them, it all depends on the circumstances you meet them under. If you meet someone in a bar and they have been drinking, they may be acting differently than they would otherwise. This could lead you to have a bad first impression of them. That is not saying they aren't a good person, it is just the gut reaction you have toward them at that time. When my friend met a co-worker's husband for the first time, he was quite rude to his wife...that did not give my friend a good first impression of him at all.
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