What Is a Fiscal Month?


A fiscal month is a period that is used by businesses in their planning. It usually starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday but does not require conformity to the first and last days of the calendar year. When a fiscal year starts on the first day of January, the fiscal month will commence on the same day provided it is on a Monday but will end on Sunday, 4th February covering about five weeks.
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The legislative and executive branches of government (in the U.S. Congress and the president, respectively) control fiscal policies. Fiscal policies include government taxation and
The fiscal budget for the US in 2013 is an expected $2.9 trillion in revenue, with $3.8 trillion in expenditures. This will add $901 billion to the national debt.
For the record, it isn't a show of "fiscal restraint" to cut funding for poor kids, especially when that funding goes toward one of the few programs that devotes itself
The two main types of tools used by the government to fight recessions are fiscal policy and monetary policy. While many people often lump the two together, they are different in
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What Is a Fiscal Month?
When businesses enter information in their books they encounter a broad problem: Businesses are compared by annual cycles, but years are not equal to each other. Years can have varying amounts of days of the week based on the calendar and months can... More »
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