What is a five-sided shape called?


A pentagon is the name for a five-sided shape. A pentagon is a closed figure with five straight sides. Pentagons can be either convex or concave. While a convex pentagon has interior angles that are not greater than 180 degrees, a concave pentagon can have an interior angle that is greater than 180 degrees.

Likewise, pentagons also can be either regular or irregular figures. A regular pentagon is a figure or polygon in which all interior angles are equal and all five sides are also equal in length. In a regular pentagon, each interior angle equals 108 degrees and the exterior angles equal 72 degrees.The sum of the interior angles is 540 degrees or five multiplied by 108 degrees.

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The five sided shape you must be referring to is called a pentagon. It is a member of the polygon family of shapes, and has an interior angle of 108 degrees. ...
The side you are referring to is the five-sided Pentagon. A shape with six sides would be called a Hexagon, and one with seven sides would be called a Heptagon. ...
A five-sided polygon is called a pentagon. The Pentagon, headquarters of the United States military, got its name because the structure has five equal sides. ...
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