What is a concrete floating slab?


A concrete floating slab is a slab that is not anchored to the ground but instead merely sits on top of it. Floating concrete slabs provide solid foundations for structures as sheds, garages, home additions, and even manufactured homes.

The primary benefit of a floating slab is that it's easier and less expensive to build than a standard foundation. Whereas a standard foundation consists of strip footings poured several feet below the ground's surface, and a frost wall constructed above the ground's surface, the floating slab literally floats on the ground. Less ground preparation is needed, and the cement-pouring process is much simpler.

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1. Look for holes or cracks in the floating slab that you want to waterproof. If you see any holes or cracks in the floor, brush them out with a wire brush to remove loose particles
Objects are grounded by a natural element. Without gravity, all objects would float in the air. Humans, animals and appliances for example.
It is a flat piece (slab) of concrete sitting on compacted soil or stone, usually meaning there is no basement. These generally only appear in areas where the ground does not freeze
Thick rigid foam board is a suitable insulation to put under concrete slabs. Foam insulation has a higher R-value per inch than most other insulation materials, including fiberglass
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