What Is a Flow Diagram?


A flow diagram is a graphical means of representing or presenting, describing, or analyzing a process. This is done by drawing small boxes which represent sequence and dependency relationships usually on the X and Y axis on the graph.
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Fluids in motion are heavily influenced by obstacles in their way. This is much of what makes fluid dynamics so difficult, as even a falling leaf can cause significant disturbances
The main notations for a data flow diagram are - Process - OvalDecision - RhombusData Storage - Rectangle Open on the RightData Flow - Single ArrowResource Flow - Double Arrow
A a process model that depicts the flow of data throughout business or software processes.
An example of what flow switches can be used for is given by McDonnell & Miller, suppliers of liquid and air flow switches. Liquid flow switches can be used for air conditioning
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flow chart
a detailed diagram or chart of the operations and equipment through which material passes, as in a manufacturing process.
a graphic representation, using symbols interconnected with lines, of the successive steps in a procedure or system.
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A flow diagram is a model which shows the location of specific activities carried out and the routes followed by workers, materials and equipment in their excursions. Flow diagram helps one to be able to break processes down into component parts.
A flow diagram is often used to graphically represent and analyze data in an information system. An example of a flow diagram is a flowchart.
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