What Is a Flugelbinder?


A flugelbinder is a word made up for the same item in the film cocktail, but now refers to an invention that is used every day that has potentially made the inventor millions. An aglet is the correct term for the plastic end on the end of shoelaces.
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A shoelace website reports that "flugelbinder" is NOT the correct name for a shoelace tip
Flugelbinder is often reported as being the plastic t
Flugelbinder is defined as the plastic tip of the shoelace but a Flugel-binder is a fashionable dress. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 01:41PM EST. Source
A flugelbinder is the plastic tip of a show lace. !
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A flugelbinder is a word used to refer to the plastic end on the end of shoelaces, mostly used in the film Cocktail (film). The correct term for flugelbinder is an aglet. Flugelbinder is referred to as an invention and has potentially made millions to the inventor.
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