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A Folktale is a story passed on from a person to another by word of mouth. They were never written down but were only present in one's memory. Today, such stories are being collected and put down in books or acted on television.
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folk tale
a tale or legend originating and traditional among a people or folk, especially one forming part of the oral tradition of the common people.
any belief or story passed on traditionally, especially one considered to be false or based on superstition.
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A folk tale is a traditional story handed down from generation to generation by oral retelling. The tale usually tries to explain the world or convey a certain truth. The characters of the stories are mostly animals with human characteristics, mythical creatures or royalty.
A folk tale is a traditional story that usually tries to explain the world or in some way try to understand it. It has the generational effect of being passed down from one generation to the next and mostly tries to have a moral story. In most of these tales, good is always rewarded!
A folk tale is a story or legend handed down from generation to generation orally, that tries to explain or understand the world. Folk tales usually involved talking animals, royalty, peasants, or mythical creatures. In a folktale, goodness is always rewarded, villains are always punished and heroes rewarded.
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Folk tales are known as stories that are simply not true. These tales are usually told to small children, but there are stories for adults, as well.You can find more information here
1. Read other folktales. As is the case with any kind of writing it is important to know your market. Studying other folktales carefully will give you a good idea of key themes, provide
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is an example of a folk tale.
Folk Tale, A (orig. Dan. title Et folkesagn).Ballet in three acts with choreography and libretto by Bournonville, music by N. Gade and J. P. Hartmann, and design by Christensen, Lund
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