What Is a Food That Starts with K?


There are numerous foods whose names begin with the letter 'K'. Some of which are ice-cream, kale, kebab, kiwi, kippers, kirara, kittri, kix, kippe, kinoko no mori, kusa mocha, kyeema, kreplach, krensekake, köttbullar and knishes.
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kit-kat,kellogg,chicken,steak,kitchup,kiwi,kielbasa,kumquats kit-kat,kellogg,chicken,steak,kitchup,kiwi,kielbasa,kumquats
Kiwi, Kale, & Kohlrabi are all foods that start with the letter 'k' Thanks for
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Foods that start with letter K include kebab, kales, ketchup, kiwi fruits and knead. Kebab is a dish that is made from small pieces of spiced meat threaded onto a skewer then cooked over an open flame.
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