What Is a Fort?


A fort can be defined as a fortified building, strategic position, a permanent army post or a trading post. It can also mean a business district which is located in Mumbai, India, an area that was regarded as the heart of the city during the 18th century.
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The word forte has Latin, French and Italian roots, which have each evolved into different meanings. According to the Glossary of Musical Terms at classicalworks.com, when a musician
Supplies, food, people. War materials. They were designed to survive month-long sieges.
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(fôrt, fōrt) n. A fortified place or position stationed with troops. A permanent army post. [Middle English, strength, stronghold, from Old French, strong, strength, from
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What Is Forte?
The term forte has many different meanings, depending on the context. It can be used to describe a musical term, a person's strength, a part of a sword or something that happens by chance.... More »
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The word fort simply describes a place that either is or was used as an army post. Forts are often built with strong, protective, surrounding walls and other structures that help with defence, like ditches or trenches. Forts in most cases were used as posts for a lookout.
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