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A four sum is a type of match in the golf sport. It is also called alternate shot. Teams complete in two's using a single ball, and then take alternate shots until they complete the hole. Members of the team also take turns and tee off on each hall, where one member tee's on an odd numbered hall and the other on even.
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[fawr-suhm, fohr-]
a company or set of four; two couples; a quartet: to make up a foursome for bridge.
consisting of four persons, things, etc.; performed by or requiring four persons.
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1. Divide your foursome into two pairing of two players. You will keep your teammate throughout the entire round. 2. Allow one player to tee off on the first hole for each team. 3
Foursome is a group of four persons or things. ChaCha
If you are adventurous and lovee doing it with other people then a four. If you like having a small number of people when doing it then a three. In my experience, foursomes just turn
(fôr'səm, fōr'-) n. A group of four persons or things, especially two couples. A game, especially a golf match, played by four persons, usually competing in pairs.
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A foursome can be defined as a group or class of four people. It also refers to a match of golf between two pairs of players with the partners in the same team ...
There have been many famous foursomes in film, television, and music. The 1939 film The Wizard of Oz introduced the world to one timeless foursome featuring the ...
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