What is a fraction strip?


Fraction strips are math manipulatives manufactured by Educational Insights to provide a multi-sensory approach to learning about fraction concepts and operations. The strips are designed to represent varying fraction amounts on pieces of foam.

According to Educational Insights, a complete set of fraction strips includes 51 pieces that represent fractions from 1/2 to 1/12. A set also includes a strip to represent the concept of one whole unit. The magnetic qualities of the manipulatives make it possible to display them on white boards or other magnetic surfaces for lessons. Students are able to visualize the relationships between various fractional amounts. They can also model operations with fractions as they use the color-coded strips.

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Fraction strips, in their simplest form, are simply boxes - arranged symmetrically on a sheet of paper - that represent fractions. For example, students create or label a box that
A fraction strip is simply a paper used to find fractions of a whole.
Fraction is a portion of something. For example you may only pay a fraction of the cost means pay less than the whole cost price. Usually you will see a fraction in a division or
if your fraction is -a/b then the reciprocal is -b/a. Hence the product of the two numbers is 1
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What Are Fraction Strips?
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