What are some examples of frame structures?


Frame structure refers to the skeleton which is usually made of steel, wood or reinforced concrete, which is designed to withstand a load in a lightweight economic manner. Some of the structures that use frames are folding ladders, suspension bridges and the roof of a house.
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Timber framed structures are buildings that use vertical timber posts and horizontal timber beams, typically larger than 4 inches by 4 inches, with sloping wood beams to form the
1. Lay four PVC poles on the ground to form a 10-foot square. Lay a 3-way PVC connector at each corner of the square. 2. Insert the PVC connectors at each corner with one pole in
it's not as strong as, say, solid stone walls or solid brick, depending on the material.
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Frame structures are described as a structure that has a skeleton associated with them. a good example is the structure of leaves they have frames and skin on them.
A frame structure is a structure supported primarily by a frame of wood, skeleton, steel, or toughened concrete rather than by load-bearing fortifications.
A frame structure is a group of elements united to support a load with stability and has a skeleton associated with it. An example is a leaf with frame structure and skin on it while the one without skin on it is called an open frame structure such as a spider web.
A frame structure is the main base of a building or structure. The frame is the support of structure and with out the frame the structure wont stand up.
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