What Is a Free Arm Sewing Machine?


A free arm is an attachment found in most sewing machines. It can be removed to convert from a flat bed to free arm from the machine. The free arm is used for any difficult areas to sew like sleeves and trouser hems.
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1. Attach the spooled thread onto the main spool arm at the top back of the machine. 2. Pull the string forward and thread it through the guide eye at the top far side of the machine
Free arms are great for hemming cuff of pants, but if you are sewing tiny outfits then you cannot use it...if you plan on sewing a lot of clothing in various sizes, you will like
If she is just getting into sewing again, I'd recommend finding an old heavy metal one at a thrift shop. Something from the 70s is best with just a straight and zig-zag stitch. Make
Free-Westinghouse manufactured a line of electro-mechanical sewing machines, Generally these were housed in a wooden cabinet which folded open revealing the sewing machine inside.
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The free arm on a sewing machine holds the bobbin, shuttle, and feed dogs. Most free-arm sewing machines come with an accessory that snaps on and off to convert the free arm to a flat-bed surface. It easily sews cuffs and sleeves and any Other circular shape with a free arm sewing machine. The shape of the free arm allows you to slip the fabric around the arm.
A free arm sewing machine is a sewing machine that has a removable drop down plate. This drop down plate allows you to sew pant legs and cuffs.
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