What is a freeze frame in drama?


A freeze frame is a dramatic exercise where actors remain motionless to portray a specific point in time, theme or idea. The activity is also known as a group sculpture, tableau, still image or picture window. Though freeze frames are usually silent, they occasionally have captions or sound effects. Sometimes actors choose to describe the subject or emotions they were portraying at the end of the exercise.

A freeze frame should not look posed. Rather, it should appear to the audience that the characters have all suddenly stopped mid-motion but are about to go about their business again. The bodies and faces of the actors are expressive, but the emotions being represented vary depending upon the setting of the tableau. In addition, the relationships among characters are also displayed by how the actors interact with each other.

Although freeze frame activities cover a wide range of topics, they are often used to depict works of literature. For instance, actors choose a specific chapter to illustrate with still images. Each major point is depicted by a different small group. The group presents the freeze frames in order as a dramatization of the entire chapter. No matter what the subject, actors often find it helpful to see photos of their picture windows.

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