What Is a Freeze Frame in Drama?


Freeze frame in drama a term used to refer to a moment during a live performance when the actors/actresses freeze at a particular, pre-meditated time, to enhance a particular scene, or to show an important moment in the play. In addition to this, the moment can then be further enhanced by spoken word, in which each character tells their personal thoughts regarding the situation. Such kind of narration gives the audience more insight into the meaning, plot or hidden story of the play.
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A freeze frame is used to imprint or highlight a specific event, reaction or action within the flow and rhythm of the story. Freeze frame is usually the prerogative of the movie's
1. Open a movie file on your system with QuickTime. Locate a MOV or MP4 file on your system and double click on it to have it open in QuickTime. 2. Wait for the movie to load into
or freeze frame ( frēz'frām' ) n. A still picture in the course of a movie or television film, made by running a series of identical frames or by stopping a reel or videotape
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