What is a Fresnel light?


A Fresnel light is a focusable spotlight used in film, television and theater lighting. The light can be adjusted using a knob on the back of the light to create a narrow focused beam, or it can be adjusted to provide a wider beam of light.

A Fresnel light produces an attractive light quality and an even field of light, making it an ideal choice when softening hard light in studios or other locations. It’s also used to light stages, since it produces an even light that’s soft at the edges. However, it does tend to project a soft shadow. Since a Fresnel light's edges are soft, it blends easily with other Fresnel lights.

The Fresnel light was named after French inventor Augustin Jean Fresnel, who designed the Fresnel lenses.

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It is a Scientist's last name. Augustin-Jean Fresnel, born 1788, died 1827.
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