Fruits That Start with Letter E?


The fruit that starts with the letter E is Entawak. It is a brown-yellow fruit and when fresh, it's orange-red. The fruit grows in large rain forest and it's propagated by seeds. It's native to Borneo and southern Sumatra. Other fruits that start with letter E include: Elderberry and Emblica among others.
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One type of fruit that starts with letter e is the eggfruit which is sometimes known as lucmo and is a subtropical fruit native to the Peru's Andean region. It is also available in large numbers in Lao People's Democratic Republic and in Vietnam.
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The three fruits I could find that start with the letter "E" are elderberry, eggfruit (also called canistel), and elephant apple. Elderberry is probably the best known of
eggplant is a fruit (also known as an aubergine). Eggfruit and elephant apple.
Some E fruits are Etrog, Elephant Apple, and Emblic. An E vegetable is
Emu Apple, Entawak, Etrog, Elephant Apple, and Emblic are all fruits that start with the letter E.
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