How are funnel clouds formed?


A funnel cloud is a funnel-shaped cloud of dense water droplets linked with a rotating column of wind and extending from the foot of a cloud but not reaching the ground or a water surface. Weak tornadoes that do not have a visible portion reaching the ground can also be considered a funnel cloud.
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A funnel cloud looks like a huge dark cloud with a funnel shape toward the bottom. They may form a tornado if they reach the ground, and are usually part of a supercell.
A cone-like dip in the clouds with tornadic motions which will often precede the touchdown of a Tornado.
A cone shapped rotating cloud under the base of a thunderstorm that sometimes (but not always) goes on to produce a tornado by reaching all the way to the ground. True funnel clouds
The term "funnel cloud' refers to a tornado-like vortex
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funnel cloud
a rapidly rotating funnel-shaped cloud extending downward from the base of a cumulonimbus cloud, which, if it touches the surface of the earth, is a tornado or waterspout.
A funnel cloud is a funnel shaped cloud formed of condensed water droplets that has a rotating funnel of wind extending from it but not touching the ground.
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The cumulonimbus cloud is a thunderstorm cloud, and it is the type that is associated with tornadoes. The tornado itself is often called a funnel cloud because ...
Tornadoes are formed when hot air and cold air meet in a powerful storm, and the warm air begins spiralling upward, creating a funnel cloud. This funnel cloud ...
Tornadoes are made up of warm moist air and dry cool air creating a rotation that spawns a funnel cloud known as a tornado. Whenever a tornado warning or watch ...
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