How Long Is a Furlong in Horse Racing?


In horse racing, furlong is the unit of measurement used to measure the length. The term is used to describe the length of a horse from nose to tail. Furlong is equal to one eighth of a mile in distance while five furlongs are equal to a kilometre.
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In horse racing, a furlong is 220 yards or 1/8th of a mile. Thanks for using ChaCha!
220 yards, ie one eighth of a mile. A furlong is a unit of measurement that equals exactly 1/8th of a mile.
1. Take up the jockey stance. This involves the legs being bent inwards so that the knees clench the horse tightly. Your hands should hold onto the metal bar with the thumbs on the
660 feet or 220 yards or 201.168 metres. ten chains in a furlong and eight furlongs in a mile.
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