What Is a Gal?


Gal is slang term referring to a Girl or young woman. Gal could also refer to a unit of gravitational acceleration equal to one centimetre per second. The word gal can be used in reference to a list of prearranged addresses of contact details of essential personnel and unit members with their telephone numbers and email address.
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( gal ) (mechanics) The unit of acceleration in the centimeter-gram-second system, equal to 1 centimeter per second squared; commonly used in geodetic measurement. Formerly known
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Gal can be defined as the symbol of a unit of measurement known as Galileo. It is a unit of increase of rate used extensively in the science of gravimetric and ...
In physics, gal is a unit of gravitational acceleration equal to one centimeter per second per second. It is also used to refer to a girl of young woman. ...
Buffalo gal refers is an American traditional song, which was written by the black face minstrel John Hodges in 1844. It was originally known as Lubly Fan. The ...
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