What is a galley hand?


A galley hand is a person that assists in the galley or kitchen of a ship, train, aircraft or off-shore oil rig. Those seeking employment as a galley hand would do well to have transferable job skills, such as experience in the food industry.

The typical day-to-day functions of a galley hand include:

  • Prepping ingredients such as fruits and vegetables
  • Serving completed meals
  • Protecting and storing foods for purposes of sanitation
  • Washing dishes, pots and utensils
  • Keeping kitchen space clean and organized
  • Storing groceries and supplies on an as-needed basis
  • Tracking inventory of various goods, including ingredients and linens

Because of the nature of the workplace, extensive travel is involved in the position. As such, a typical galley hand will be away from their regular place of residence for days or even weeks at a time. There are also a few physical demands that the job requires, such as lifting objects and standing for sustained periods of time.

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