How Are Gamma Rays Made?


Gamma rays are made up of packets of energy called photons. They have millions of energy more than the visible light and can only be detected by their effect on matter that they come in contact with. They are made up of very high frequency radiation and are produced by decay of high energy states in the atomic nuclei.
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Doctors have some machines to make a gamma ray for people who have cancer to kill those bad cells.
They are an electro-magnetic wave much like visible light. ChaCha!
Gamma rays are high energy electromagnetic radioactive waves with the shortest waves. Sub-atomic particle interactions produce gamma rays, they are an emission of radioactive substances
Gamma rays are extremely high-energy particles emitted from the nucleus of a radioactive atom. They are similar to X-rays but have a shorter wavelength, which makes them more penetrative
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They can generate TeV gamma photons, by colliding visible light lasers, with extremely energetic electron beams. Compton scattering of a handful of photons results ...
Gamma rays are waves with the smallest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma-rays travel from space to us across enormous distances of the universe ...
Gamma rays are generated by radio active atoms in the electromagnetic spectrum we find different waves that move on different wavelength. The gamma rays is measured ...
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