What does the gang term "slob" mean?


A gang slob is an insult or a derogatory term to Blood's gang members to mean 'put down'. The Bloods is a street gang founded in Los Angeles and is widely known for its rivalry with the Crips gang members. The Crips are an African American gang.
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A slob is an insult to Bloods gang members, called such by Crip members.The Crips wear
A slob is a messy and dirty person. called charlie
(slŏb) n. Informal A person regarded as slovenly, crude, or obnoxious. [Irish Gaelic slab, mud, from Old Irish, probably of Scandinavian origin, akin to Swedish dialectal slabb
Teens who are in gangs are much more likely to suffer from gun violence, whether it's injury or death. As a gang member, you can look forward to at least one shooting. In some cities
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