Gecko Life Cycle?


The life cycle of a gecko begins with the laying of eggs by the females after mating with the males. The eggs are laid in holes in walls and under stones. The eggs are left unattended and hatch in about 3 months. The hatchlings find food for themselves and mature after two years after which they can mate and lay viable eggs.
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Depends what type of gecko you are talking about. Most geckos lay eggs. The life cycle with eggs is embryo, embryo inside egg, hatchling, juvenile, adult. Live-bearing geckos give
Sponges live under water. Most sponges live in salt water. The 5,000 species of sponge belong to the Phylum Porifora. They are further classified into four groups based on what comprises
The stage names and activities will differ depending on project methodology however the above is the most simplistic. Different methodologies promote different stages and cycles.
it is born.then it mates.then it dies. it is born.then it mates.then it dies.
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Ornate Day Gecko
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Family: Gekkonidae Genus: Phelsuma Species: Phelsuma ornata
This species is native to the tropical rainforests and coconut plantations of Mauritios They are flexible in chosing their habitat and have succesfully adapted to cultivated areas. Phelsuma ornata... More »
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