What Is a Genius IQ?


An average person has an IQ score of 100, but people who have scores that are over 140 are considered to be in the genius range. About one in four hundred people are considered genius. If you have a score that is over two hundred, then you are a high genius. The scores are according to The Lewis Termin scale.
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IQ scores can be different from person to person. A genius IQ is usually in the range of 120-140. Only about 25% of the population test in this range. You can find more information here: http://iq-test.learninginfo.org/iq04.htm
Because there are different methods for testing the IQ, there will obviously be different scores that point to one being a genius. But, the consensus seems to be that any score over 130 or 140 is at least in the range.
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Anyone with an IQ score over 130 is considered a genius. Most people with score around 100 on the IQ test which is considered to be average.
The average person has an IQ score of 100. Scores over 140 are considered in the genius range. Only one percent of the people in the world have a score over 135. Superior intelligence
A score over 140 is generally considered a genius level IQ.
An IQ test result of 140 or over designates a genius. Did you know Hitler had a genius
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