How to Calculate GFR?


Glomerular filtration rate is often referred to as GFR. This a kidney function test done using creatinine. The main aim of this test is to determine the level of kidney function or the stage of any kidney disease.
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GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate. It refers to a measure of the ability of the kidney to filter and remove the waste products. This is the best test method to measure the function of the kidney and the stage of a kidney disease.
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GFR is the abbreviation used for glomerular filtration rate. This is a test that is done to check on how well your kidneys are functioning. As the kidneys begins to function, the
1. Obtain a blood creatinine test and determine the serum creatinine level. 2. Multiply the serum creatinine level (in units of mg/dL) by the exponent of -1.154 to obtain the serum
abbr. glomerular filtration rate
The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the test that doctors use to show how well kidneys
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GFR is the quantity of liquid filtered from the kidney to the Bowman's pills per unit time. Glomerular filtration rate can also be used to examine how the kidneys ...
From a simple blood test for creatinine, a waste product in the blood that comes from normal muscle activity. ...
The normal Gfr is about 100ml/min in young adults but this falls as one gets older. The Gfr (Glomerular filtration rate) is used to measure kidney function. Levels ...
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