What Is a Ghost Credit Card?


A ghost credit card is a virtual credit card. It is considered virtual in the sense that large corporations opt to give an entire department or all its employees a credit card number, which they can use for purchases to a specified limit, instead of issuing every employee with a personal credit card. The company then makes a collective payment for all purchases.
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A credit card is a way to access a revolving loan balance. You use the card, or the account number and expiration date printed on its front, to tap into a predetermined credit line.
Credit card statements provide you with an extra record of transactions you made using your cards. Some credit card companies also provide you with statements that track your spending
A credit card company will consider you a risk if you have a low FICO-or credit-score. Credit scores are used to determine the likelihood that you will not repay a loan. Scores range
Convenience Convenience is the main benefit of a credit card. That's because purchases can be made and then paid back over time. Impulsivity Credit cards can encourage impulse shopping
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What Is a Ghost Credit Card?
A ghost credit card is a virtual credit card. Corporations, government agencies and other large employers use ghost credit cards as an alternative to issuing a credit card to each employee. Each employee uses the ghost number, and then the organization... More »
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