What Is a GIF File and Why Is It Used?


GIF or graphics interchange format is a digital file format devised in 1987 by the internet service provider, CompuServe, as a means of reducing the sizes of images. It is commonly used because no information is lost during the compression of data.
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A gif file is a silent video clip from a movie, tv show, home video, or animation that someone has made. Usually people make these because they are a small file size.
1. Click the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of your Mac OS X desktop and type "Preview" into the search box. Click "Preview" in the list of results
There are two primary considerations: The image is for the web or computer display, rather than printing. The image is mostly sharp edges - text, graphs, buttons etc. Printing uses
1 Open a Paint program on your computer (if using Microsoft Windows use Microsoft Paint from the 'Start' menu in the bottom left corner). Microsoft Paint can often be found under
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You cannot display your GIF files because the browser cannot find the files using the instructions you gave it. There are reasons why your browser cannot find ...
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