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A Gigot is the leg of a lamb or mutton used in cooking. The name gigot has its origin from old French, being a diminutive of gigue and from old German from the name g®ga.
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[jig-uht, zhee-goh]
a leg-of-mutton sleeve.
a leg of lamb or mutton.
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Gigot is an emotional comedy that was released in 1962. Its original story and music were written by Jackie Gleason. The movie was remade in 2004 for television as The Wool Cap. On the other hand, in cookery, Gigot is a leg of lamb.
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(jĭg'ət, zhē-gō') n. A leg of mutton, lamb, or veal for cooking. A leg-of-mutton sleeve. [French, from Old French, diminutive of gigue, fiddle, from Middle High
gigot: lamb leg suitable for roasting
It means a leg of mutton or lamb, and comes from a French expression for 'to hop, jump' ~ giguer.
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A gigot refers to the leg of a lamb, mutton or veal that is suitable for cooking. This word is also used in reference to a leg of mutton sleeve. This word originated ...
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