What Is a Gimlet Eye?


A gimlet eye is a sharp or piercing glance or an eye that appears to give a sharp, piercing or penetrating look. The word came into existence and use between 1815 and 1825 and is used to denote a hard look, as if trying to find fault.
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gimlet eye
a sharp or piercing glance.
an eye that appears to give a sharp or piercing look.
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The phrase gimlet-eyed is worthy of careful study, not only for its flexibility in being able to spin out multiple meanings from its core meaning of "having penetrating eyes,
Gimlet-eyed: having keen vision; sharp sighted. Happy ChaChaing and remember we're here 24/7!
A 'gimlet eye' is a squint-eye, generally used colloquially. A gimlet is a tool for boring holes, with a leading screw, grooved body, & a cross handle.
gim·let-eyed (gĭm′lĭt-īd′) adj. Having keen vision.
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