What are some Girl Scout swap ideas?


There are many different types of Girl Scout swaps, so girls can choose to express themselves through camping swaps, critter swaps, nature swaps, food swaps, girly swaps, summer swaps, patriotic swaps and more. This long-standing Girl Scout tradition is a great way for girls to display their creativity and express their unique qualities.

Camping and hiking swaps are a must for any outdoor scouting adventure. Great camping swap ideas include the Marshmallow on a stick swap, the sleeping bag girl swap and the binoculars swap. These fun bonding activities will be a hit on any camping trip.

Patriotic swaps are great activities to do on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veteran's Day. They include the patriotic charm pin swap, the ribbon flag swap and the shrink art pin swap. Patriotic swaps are a fun way to celebrate the country in style.

Girly swaps are good activities for Girl Scouts who love glitter. Try the heart charm pin swap, the glitter star swap and the feather charm Pin swap.

For the winter holidays, have fun making winter swaps. Holiday themed swaps are perfect indoor crafts for the cold winter season. They include the Christmas elf swap, the winter glove swap, the woodsy wreath swap and the toy soldier swap.

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1. Guide the troop in selecting the type of SWAPS they want to make for an upcoming event. SWAPS for a local campout may reflect the camp's theme - outdoor activities, tenting, swimming
There are lots of SWAPS ideas around. It depends on what you want your theme to be or if it is supposed to represent your area or if you want it related to Girl Guiding/Scouting activities
1. Have a desire to be a Girl Scout. If you have one, you may be excited and ready to do what you can to become a girl scout. Ad. 2. Be prepared. Another thing that Girl Scouts do
The aims of boys and girls scouts is to form their personalities on a healthy environment. Moreover, help their communities, developing good habits, and learning a lot of useful things
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