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Girth refers to the distance around something, also termed as circumference. It could also mean stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place. The meaning evoked by use of this term thus depends on the context within which it is used.
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the measure around anything; circumference.
a band that passes underneath a horse or other animal to hold a saddle in place, especially one having a buckle at each end for fastening to straps running from under the flaps of the saddle.
something that encircles; a band or girdle.
to bind or fasten with a girth.
to girdle; encircle.
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Girth is the measurement around something, for instance, the circumference. The word girth is also used to refer to a person's size or bulk; for instance, a man of great girth means a man who is very huge in size.
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Girth is the term for the width of an abdomen or stomach. It is also a term for the belly strap on a saddle used for horse back riding. If you take a tape measure and put it around
"Girth" most often means the distance around some solid object, usually the smallest possible such distance if the object has a complex shape. However, the words "smallest
1. Making sure your girth is tightened properly is the most critical part of saddling your horse. The girth, or cinch as it is often called in the Western saddle, is the belt that
(gûrth) n. The distance around something; the circumference. Size; bulk: a person of large girth. A strap encircling an animal's body in order to secure a load or saddle on
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