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A goldfish is a small reddish-golden Eurasian carp that is most popular in aquariums and ponds. It is a native of East Asia and is one of the earliest types of fish to be domesticated most especially in China more than a thousand years ago. The average lifespan of a goldfish is about three weeks but can live much longer if only it is looked after in the right way.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Cypriniformes Family: Cyprinidae Genus: Carassius Species: Carassius auratus
Although goldfishes originated in China, they have now spread worldwide in aquariums, ornamental pools, and into the wild. In the wild, goldfish can be found in slow-moving, freshwater bodies of water. As with their close... More »
A goldfish is pet fish that is often bright gold and sometimes white. They make great first time pets for kids because they are harder to kill than a regular pet. They live off of fish food and can be in tanks with other fish.
A goldfish is a member of the carp family who has been used as a pet in ponds or aquariums for centuries. The goldfish that we see in pet stores originated in China, and now there are several 'fancy' breeds of goldfish. You can find more information here: http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/goldfish/
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A goldfish is a small golden freshwater fish that is commonly used for cat fishing and is a common pet. They are also used in decorative ponds. A goldfish is the perfect pet for someone
1. Set up the aquarium according to the manufacturer's directions. While goldfish are able to survive in a basic bowl, they will live a longer, healthier lives in a properly aerated
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1 Be ready for hatching. When first hatched, fry do not swim around, but tend to cling to the spawning mop or the sides of the fish tank. They will likely stay like this for 2 &ndash
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Goldfish are a very common domesticated fish. The goldfish is an intelligent fish and can adapt very well to its surroundings. A goldfish has a memory that lasts ...
The ranchu is a variety of fancy goldfish established in Japan. It is known as the 'king of goldfish' by the Japanese. They are the direct product of hybridizing ...
The name of the goldfish shaped crackers is Goldfish. Goldfish comes in a variety of flavors, and also comes in mini size for smaller fingers. The Pepperidge Farm ...
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