What Is a Good 60th Birthday Present?


There are many types of gifts that you can give to a person celebrating his or her 60th birthday. These include: an English heritage senior membership, a pair of crystal wine glasses put in a silk lined box, the little book on how to survive the big 60, an engraved travel clock and a personalised 60th birthday card. You can visit various websites like gettingpersonal to get many gift ideas.
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A good 60th birthday present depends on the person you are buying it for. For a women you give a picture frame, something for the kitchen. For a man you could get a watch or something with his favorite sports team on it.
Some ideas for a 60th birthday present: coffee mug that says, It took me 60 years to look this good; a box of 1950s nostalgic candy; gift baskets; restaurant or store gift certificates; over-the-hill gag gifts; or a money tree, made up of 60 $1 bills.
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