What is the best champagne for mimosas?


Good champagne for mimosas is the one that is dry or semi-dry, so always look for the terms 'brut' or 'dry' on the champagne bottle. For a difference on the basic Mimosa Champagne drink, include a dash of Grand Marnier.
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Everyone seems to have their own favorite type of champagne to use in a
Use something domestic and non-vintage (sparkling wine). Save your money. Save the Dom for a big occasion.
It is that which you prefer; don't be impressed with the label or price. Blind wine tastes repeatedly show that the wine people prefer is not well correlated with the price.
Ritz Fizz cocktail: 1/2 shot of Amaretto, 1/2 shot Blue Curacao, 1/2 shot of lime juice, top up with Champagne and stir. Then kick back and enjoy!
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