Class Rank?


A good class ranking is a grade point average that is above the minimal requirements. Class ranking is a summary of a student's performance that is calculated mathematically and compared with that of other students in the class. The higher the grade point average, the better the class ranking.
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1. Use your GPA to determine your specific numerical ranking out of the students in your class. Ask your guidance counselor for a list of the GPAs of your class from highest to lowest
1 Talk to your counselor. They will have lots of good advice for you on how to get to the top! It is, after all, their job. Ad 2 Study your heart out. Don't just memorize what's written
For undergrad, about top 10% of your class.
I'm not a mind reader sorry. ChaCha!
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Generally getting good grades will make a student get first rank in the class; which is desired by many students. The best rank is the top rank, and this is only ...
Class rank percentile refers to the evaluation of how a student's performance contrasts to other students in a particular class. To find class rank and percentiles ...
Many colleges require the class rank of a potential student as part of the specific application process of that university. Class rank is a quick way of comparing ...
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