What Is a Good Data Entry Speed?


A good data entry typing speed is usually considered to be between 40-50 words per minute, with a high accuracy level. However, for many secretarial duties such as dictatyping or transcribing, a much higher speed may be needed. Mostly, a speed of 7000 ksph is sufficiently high for many data entry roles.
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Data entry speed is the measurement of speed with which data is electronically recorded by manual input. Rather than WPM (words per minute) as regular typing is measured, data entry
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1. Receive your high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) certificate. In order to be accepted into certificate programs or hired as a contract employee, many organizations
It depends on what you are entering for data. All numeric data you should be able to achieve 15,000 keystrokes per minute at near 100 percent accuracy. Alphanumeric, you might want
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