What is a good easy diet?


According to Glamour, the five diets that are easiest to follow are the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH), Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC), the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Mediterranean Diet and Weight Watchers. All of these diets were chosen by a panel of experts as the best when it comes to nutrition, safety and effectiveness in getting results.

The DASH diet came out on top as the easiest to follow in Glamour's list. This diet focuses on lowering high blood pressure. The experts find this diet to be very convenient because it does not have too many restrictions. However, it requires adapting to the practice of using a minimum amount of salt.

Glamour's number two choice is the TLC diet developed by the National Institutes of Health to promote better heart health. This 1,200 calorie-per-day diet emphasizes low-fat foods and drastically cuts down on saturated fats.

The remaining three diets on Glamour's list end up in a three-way tie. The Mayo Clinic Diet teaches the 15 key habits of healthy eating and is a good choice for diabetics, according to experts. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on healthy foods from a typical Mediterranean diet, such as fish, legumes, fruits, vegetables and olive oil. The Weight Watchers program gives dieters freedom of choice in food selection and uses a point system rather than counting calories.

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