What Is a Good Fish to Fry?


Any fish can be fried to create a splendid meal, as long as it is edible. Of all the over 29,000 species of fish, only 2,000 of them can be eaten by human beings. In Britain, the following are the most eaten species of fish: salmon, cod, haddock, tuna and plaice.
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Corn oil has several properties and characteristics that give fish a clean taste and non-greasy texture. It has a taste mildly redolent of corn, but it does not transfer its flavor
A fish fry is a meal usually consisting of battered and fried fish, french fries, coleslaw,
The biggest tip is to "think like a fish. What this means is that you have to understand the behavior of the fish you are fishing for in order to catch them. Important things
Many fried fish batters contain soda water or beer.
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