What Is a Good GED Score?


A good GED score is an average score of 450 points or more on each of the five subjects that are examined in the test. A candidate is required to score at least 2250 points in all five subjects in order to advance to the next level. About 60 percent of students are able to meet the minimum requirements of the GED examination each year.
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What Is a Good GED Score?
A GED, or graduate education development, certificate is the equivalent of a high school diploma. The GED test is administered only at specific locations and may not be taken online.... More »
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To pass the GED test you have to get at least 410 in each subject (800 is the highest score), at the end they combine all your scores together and the maximum you can score is 4000 so the closer to 4000 you are the better your score is.
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The GED test is comprised of 5 different test areas: language arts reading, language arts writing, mathematics, science,and social studies. To achieve a passing score the student
1. Determine your average GED score. There is no definitive way to do this, but you can start by dividing your total score by the number of sections in your test you took. For example
what the score to pass the ged test
You receive a score on the GED between 200 and 800, where 200 is complete failure, and
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A good test score is an average of 450 in all five GED examinations that are offered. Only an estimated 60 percent of high school graduates pass their examinations ...
A passing GED test score is at least a score of 60% or 410 on each test and an overall mean score of 450. GED or General Educational Development tests were first ...
To convert your GED scores to a GPA, divide your total score by the number of sections on the test you took. Most people that take the GED are tested in five sections ...
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