What Is a Good Graduation Gift Amount?


The amount you give may depend on a few factors but could be about £120. Give in accordance to his or her plan after graduation. If he is immediately getting his own apartment or planning to travel, you may want to give him a little extra money.
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What Is a Good Graduation Gift Amount?
If you have a loved one that is going to graduate, you may be wondering how much money you should give as a present. It is not as simple as a set amount for every person. Quite a few factors can determine how much money to give someone for their... More »
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The average amount of money given for a graduation gift is $50 for close relatives and $25 for distant relatives. Some other things that determine the amount is ...
The amount given as a high school graduation gift depends on what you are comfortable with your own budget. Some people feel a gift of money is not required. Others ...
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