Hairstyles for Round Faces?


People with round faces have a number of hairstyles at their disposal. They tend to have long hair and layers as well. Curled hair that hangs slightly on the side will do for women while men can go for short well-groomed hair.
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There is no one perfect hairstyle for a round face. The hairstyles that would suit you are layered bangs rather than straight or heavy bangs, short styles which give height, styles that add length, styles that keep the sides of your hair short or close to the face, curls around the crown. You should add volume to the top of head to slim. Stay away from a spiky and short topside. Avoid width or volume on sides.
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1. Measure your face, to make sure that it's round. It should be almost exactly the same width, at the cheekbones and widest part of the forehead, as it is long. 2. Decide on a length
Any hair style that audry hepburn had, is good for rounded faces, you just have to be fairly thin for them to look good though.
There are many cute hairstyles that fit your face. But it depends on your personal preferences, the shape of your face and your lifestyle.
Gentle waves are good but be careful with curls. Textured layers work well.
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Long hair, Long layers which frame your face and soft waves. ...
well, i have a VERY round face, and i just got a shortish cut, w/ LOTS of layers... i really like it! ...
As a girl with brown hair and a round face, I would suggest not cutting your hair too short. To keep your face from looking rounder, don't cut it above your shoulders ...
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