What is a good indoor cat repellent?


Essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, citronella and eucalyptus are all effective indoor cat repellents. They can be used in their pure form, or they can be mixed with water and put into a spray bottle. Orange peels, lemon rinds and the herb rue can also be used to keep a cat away from a specific area or a piece of furniture.

If those solutions do not work, cat owners can deter a cat from entering a certain area by putting plastic carpet runners spike-side up around the area, or they can surround the object with double-sided sticky tape. The cat won't like the feel of the spikes or the tape, and after a few encounters, they should leave the area alone. If those solutions do not work, cat owners should turn to a commercial solution.

Ssscat! by Multivet is a comprehensive repellent and training tool. The kit features a spray can that is fitted with a motion detector. When the cat steps into the area, the motion detector sets off a high-pitched alarm, and the can releases a non-toxic spray to deter the car.

The Tattle Tale Sonic Alarm is another effective indoor cat repellent. This tool detects vibrations in the surrounding area and sets off an alarm when the cat is too close. As a result of the scare, the cat stays away from that area in the future.

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There are several indoor cat repellents you can use such as Tattle tale sonic pet training alarm, wire loom, sticky paws and home made ones that are made easily ...
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