What Is a Good Name for a Dance Team?


The first thing to consider while choosing a good name for a dance team is the type of dance which the team is performing; this will make people identify the group easily. Other things that will make a good dance team include: the audition processes, practice schedule and the cost it takes.
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1. Go to your school counselor or advisor if you want to create a dance team that will be school sponsored. Often, these are dance teams, drill teams, pep squads or a pom-pom squad.
1. Learn about the company/team. Ask friends about the instructors or go online to find info. Ad. 2. Prepare a Resume if necessary. Make sure to include all athletic related things.
A dance team is generally a group of dancers who audition and perform routines together. It's especially popular in high school and college students who are on a dance team for their
The Sion Dance Team is part of Sion Sports Camp. It's for grades 5-8th. They do Pom, Jazz,
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