What Is a Good Name for a Newspaper?


A good Newspaper name is a name that gives the image of the publishing firm. It should also be aimed at targeting a certain market. Some examples of a good newspaper name may be; Talk City, Gossip Soup, Juicy, Information Today and The Review.
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A good name for a newspaper is one that has an accurate description of what is inside. Newspaper report on diverse features and depending on the issues the paper handles such as current events or informative articles the name should be based on those concepts. The best way to get a name is by assembling all staff and stake holders to brainstorm and come up with suggestions where the best one is voted for.
What is a good name for a newspaper? What kind of paper are you referring to? Is this a newspaper for a City, for a College, a High School paper? I good start would be to mention the name of the city, college or high school and then use words like 'Times', or say you are talking about a high school paper, you could use the mascot like say 'Panther Pause'.
A good name for a newspaper includes the area that the newspaper covers. This will let people know the type of coverage they can expect.
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