What Is a Good Name for a Restaurant?


A good restaurant name should be captivating and relevant. The name of the restaurant may be determined by the type of cuisine that will be served at the restaurant like Italian, Indian or Chinese cuisines. Some brilliant restaurant name suggestions include: Bombay Garden, Blue Hut, Bangkok Buddha, Blue Buddha, Imperial Garden, Super Pepper, Super Pan, Golden Dragon, Eastern Tandoori, Speed Pizza, Perfect Pan and Spice Oven.
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It depends on what type of restaurant it is, where it is and what building it is but here are some names I like: The Strong Boar (Pub) 67 (Night Club) Flipside (Night Club) Lovers
In addition to a job application that describes your food service work history, a resume gives you the opportunity to describe not only what you've done, but how you did it. For restaurant
Here are some good names for a restaurant: , The Decimal point, The Equation.
Pei Wei FTW. Also great: Einstein's, Subway, Qdoba, the Egg and I. All located in the Lowry Town Center.
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A good restaurant name is one that is easy to memorize and simple to spell. It might indicate your restaurant's theme, its locality or simply be a funky name. The vital thing to keep in mind when selecting a restaurant name is the impression it will create in the customers minds.
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