What are natural diuretics?


Some of the best natural diuretics include green tea, cranberry juice, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, apple cider vinegar, cucumbers, dandelion leaf tea and watermelon. These are supplements that assist the body to get rid of excess water.
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banana pith or banana stem. white ash gourd juice. the juice of banana pith /ash gourd can be made into juice with water and taken on empty stomach. the best diuretic that nature
Are you vegetarian?? If you are, do you supplement with a multi B complex?? vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is part of that complex and a deficiency in it will cause nausea and vomiting,
Green tea is a natural diuretic food that has been in use for centuries in China.
Foods Drink vegetable juice to help to suppress feelings of hunger. Apples are high in fiber and take longer to digest. Eating an apple in between meals helps you feel fuller longer
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A natural diuretic is a type of natural food or herb that aids in the removal of excess fluid from the body by increasing the urine output. Some of these natural foods include asparagus, Brussels sprouts, beets, oats, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and garlic.
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